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More than 70 years of independence

La Vie Claire was inspired by Henri-Charles Geffroy, a visionary and humanist, who created the La Vie Claire newspaper in 1946 to share his approach to healthy eating. As a result of his success and at the request of his readers, in 1948, he founded the first La Vie Claire co-op which sold the brand’s first products.

The network changed over time to become the first network of franchised organic stores.

For more than 70 years, La Vie Claire’s mission has been to share and deliver another way of eating and living by making organic accessible to all via the values of independent, committed, humanistic, respectful and exemplary organic products.

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Store concept

Our La Vie Claire network presents an innovative and effective store concept. Located as close as possible to our customers, our stores strike a balance between a human scale and a wide selection of products. Everything is designed to simplify shopping and make it a pleasant experience.

A warm and modern concept

Open and welcoming windows and facades, warm lighting, clear and flexible signage, a harmonious and soft color palette.

Customers at the ♡ of the relationship

The stores are lively places of interaction due to the attentiveness and advice of our well-trained employees.

A wide variety of products

Covering an ever-expanding, wide range of needs with 6,000 different products available, including 2,000 La Vie Claire branded products.

Strategic locations

Our stores are located in city centres or on the outskirts in commercial areas.

Eco-friendly stores

Our beliefs are also reflected in our La Vie Clair stores which are designed and equipped to reduce energy consumption.


The use of solvent-free and pollution-reducing paints which capture and destroy pollutants in the ambient air.


Fixtures made from eco-friendly wood exclusively from Europe and PEFC certified.

Energy consumption

Equipment to reduce energy consumption: closed refrigeration units, motion detectors and low energy lighting.



A special contract with EDF to support renewable electricity production.

Discover our stores

Our products

The La Vie Claire brand

  • The first brand of organic products in France
  • Each year, 250 new La Vie Claire products come to life as the result of collaborations between producers, suppliers and our employees.
  • More than 2,000 products distributed exclusively through our stores
  • Product specifications exceeding organic regulation requirements

Our product lines

  • More than 6,000 organic food and non-food products, of which 2,000 are La Vie Claire branded products.
  • 75 Petits Prix Bio® (guaranteed low prices) on a selection of everyday products as well as monthly promotions to make organic products accessible to all
  • 86% of our La Vie Claire branded products are made in France. We give priority to French production and local sourcing for our stores, and we respect the seasonal nature of products.

A dynamic company

a network of organic franchised stores
of sales revenues for the entire network
of revenue growth
stores of which 250 are franchises

Numbers as of 12/31/2020


Takeovers are also available. Contact us via our contact form!

Opening point of sale

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Join the adventure by becoming the next La Vie Claire franchise owner. Contact us via our form to discuss the possibility of establishing or taking over one of our stores.

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