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Your Projet

About you


➞ Are you looking for a new project that’s in line with your values?


Do you have a knack for business and enjoy dealing with others?


Do you want to take on a meaningful project that you can be proud of?


Are you looking for a structured environment where you can grow on your own?

→ Become a La Vie Claire franchise owner!

Your project steps

We're here to support you in this adventure!

  • 1.


  • 2.

    Application file

  • 3.

    Development department meeting

  • 4.

    Immersion day

  • 5.

    Research and validation of the premises

  • 6

    Delivery of DIP

  • 7.

    Signature of the reservation contract

  • 8

    Signature of the franchise agreement

  • 9


  • 10

    Works and fittings

  • 11

    Opening point of sale

Access requirements

20 000€

Entry fee

70 000€

Personal investment



200 to 400 m²

Surface area


Licensing fees
(*% of sales before taxes)

250,000 to 450,000€

Total investement
(including inventory)

Our personalized support



  • Help with local market conditions
  • Project monitoring assistance
  • Help locating the premises and negotiating the lease
  • Assistance with prospective project ownership
  • Layout plans and bids
  • Introduction to our banking and accounting partners
  • Recommendations on product assortment
  • Four to six weeks of theoretical and practical training
  • Help with setup
  • Tips for communicating your opening


  • Assistance and follow-up from a network coordinator to advise you, support you and develop best practices
  • Communication operations, promotions and national and local events
  • Organization of annual regional meetings
  • Ongoing training for you and your employees via e-learning
  • Support services for franchise owners
  • National loyalty system
St Bonnet de Mure Team

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Do you need to already be in the food or organic sector to open a La Vie Claire store?

No, we have a specially-designed practical and theoretical training program to familiarize you with the all things organic to help you acquire the necessary skills. After opening, support services, along with a coordinator, are there to help you if needed.

How quickly can I open my store?

It depends on your project, it usually takes between four and eight months.

How much will I personally need to contribute to open my store?

A personal contribution of approximately 30% of the total investment is required by the banks to finance your project.

I'm interested in opening several La Vie Claire stores. Is this possible?

Yes, many of our franchise owners have opened two or more stores. Like them, you’ll enjoy favorable conditions along with assistance from the development department to help you carry out your projects.

Can I open a store outside of France?

Yes, we have an international development department, please complete our form.

What if it were you? Join the adventure!

Join the adventure by becoming the next La Vie Claire franchise owner. Contact us via our form to discuss the possibility of establishing or taking over one of our stores.

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